Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad



1966 -- 1979

1980 This year a large donation from Teldyne Corp in Pittsburgh, yielded the B&W with lots of 60-pound rail. The large ingot cars that were donated with the rail were no use to the railroad and way to big, so they were scrapped in Pittsburgh for much needed cash. A 12-foot trestle was build over a creek and about 400 feet of main line was installed.
1981 A new car number 2420 was constructed at the T&S shops for the B&W. This was the railroads first big car and was used as a work and passenger car. The spring saw another large donation coming from Joyce National Powder of Elderd PA. This donation included mile of track, 4 Brookville locomotives, and five cars. It took the B&W crew 11 weekends to tear up and haul it all home. The B&W keep one Brookville, Which is now number four (Joe), And two cars that became flat car number 30 and caboose number 100.
1982 With the money from the scraped cars from Teldyne Corp, the B&W erected a 24X45 two-track engine house. This included a workbench, office and tool rack. With new room to work flatcar number 30 was built and caboose number 100 was started. 300 feet of main line was laid, Otto received a new paint job, And railroaders day was moved to August.
1983 2230 feet of track was laid, taking the main to the end of the graded roadbed. Now a decision had to be made as to which way the main was going to go. Either way the grading had stopped at a sixty-foot wide 20-foot high gully. Brookville number three was put into service after being torn all the way down, regaged by moving the main frame in, bigger windows fit in and reassembled.
1984 Caboose number 100 is completed. It is 20 feet long, 5feet wide and 6 high, with a cupola height of 9 feet. The trestle over the gully was started in April with enough of it being down to run to the other end by October. This trestle was build with no power tools or cranes; all material including cement was hauled to the site by train. The trestle permits the main line to extend 1300 feet to complete the loop. The Vulcan number 3 is under going rebuild and should be complete early summer 1985
1985 The finishing touches were put onto the trestle, including a walkway and fire barrel. A original Fairmont two foot gage speeder was acquired from a friend who was getting out of narrow gage railroading at his home.
1986 A record breaking track laying year as the B&W crew pulled out all stops and laid 1300 feet of track and completed the almost one mile loop.
1987 A year of maintenance. Ditching, weeding, and rebuilding roadbed were the orders for the year. Original ties that were not in great shape when put in, in 1966 were replaced.
1988 The Pittsburgh Shawmut and Northern caboose #186 gets a interior overall. Woodwork was rebuilt or restored, layers of paint stripped away, and a fresh coat of paint applied.
1989 The outside of the Pittsburgh Shawmut and Northern caboose is rebuilt. New roof, woodwork and a new coat of paint.