Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad



1966 -- 1979

1966 In the beginning there was Otto, a 1939 Henshel 040. In the spring of ‘66, Otto departed Germany aboard the American Merchant ship. A few months later, Otto arrived in Philadelphia, PA. Once there, Otto is lowered on a lowboy for her journey to St. Marys, PA. Using a crane, she is placed on a twenty-foot section of track. In October, a building was erected to house Otto just as the first snowfall arrived.
1971 The B&W only has about 200 feet of track laid. Otto has run several times now.
1972 Now that Otto has been successfully restored effects turned to laying track. 1200 feet of track was laid this year. It was the first year for a railroad open house in October. This day would become known as railroader’s day.
1973 The B&W acquired three Vulcan locomotives from a glue factory in Gowanda NY. The B&W would keep one, one went to friends across town, and the third to a friend in Pittsburgh. This Vulcan would become B&W number three with a nickname of Norman for its sometime cranky behavior. Due to flood damage at his Wilkes-Barre railroad George Spohrer’s Herschel was stored at the B&W facilities until sold to an individual in Kane PA. October 7th saw the B&W second annual railroader’s day with the Horseshoe, Lake Shore, and Buffalo Chapters of the NHRS present.
1975 The B&W continues to collect artifacts, mostly of the P.S.&N, does slide shows, and presentations for people and other chapters.
1977 The B&W was able to receive a large donation of locomotives, cars, and track from Sherwin Williams paint factory in Kansas. The donation included four Whitcomb locomotives, 24 bottom dump hoppers, a tank car, and 40-pound rail. The year also saw some of the main line relayed, as the crew got better at laying and lining track.
1978 The railroad had reached a point of needing to do some grade work to extend the line. The railroad was fortune enough to have a plant being built next to the property and was able to get a large amount of grading done this year. This grading was from well to bridge see track plan. Also due to future line expansion the first curve on the main was re-laid
1979 The two Pittsburgh Shawmut and Northern cabooses acquired by the railroad were moved from storage to the B&W and the T&S. Track laying was started on the grading that was done the previous year.