Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad

2007 Projects

New Turntable Deck    Shawmut Caboose    Crossing the Shawmut Grade  

New Turntable Deck


Shawmut Caboose

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Crossing the Shawmut Grade... Again!

In May of 2001, the B&W RR started it's journey on the St. Marys and Southwestern Grade by crossing the Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad Grade. During the first weekends of Octobjer 2007, we crossed the Shawmut grade again as we followed the "S" curve layout of the SMS RR.

On October 6th, 30 feet of track was laid in preperation for the big day. The 55 foot Crossing was laid on October 13th with a crew of 15. In eight hours, the crossing was complete and 120 feet of track was laid.