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2004 Projects

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Our shay has received its official lettering. The shay lettered for two local railroads;

The St. Marys and Southwestern Railroad -- The B&W is currenlty operating on a portion of this railroad. This railroad was in service until they were purchased by the Shawmut Railroad.

The Kaul and Hall Lumber Railroad -- This railroad was an early logging railroad located in St. Marys, Pennsylvania



This past year, we completed the restoration process of a B&O semaphore that was once used near Clemont Pennsylvania.


Tie Replacement

Every year, the B&W crew undertakes a project of maintaining our line. This includes the inspection of rail and ties. Previous to this year, the maximum number of ties that we had to replace was 70. This year, we outdid ourselves and replaced 218 ties!
We started this project at the end of May and finished on July 17. Crew size ranged from 2 members to a high of 12, which occurred on July 17. A number of other records were achieved during this process:
     - A two-man crew was able to replace 15 ties in 2 hours.
     - A five-man crew replaced 36 ties in 4 hours
     - On July 17th, the 12 member crew replaced 46 ties, 5 of which were switch ties
We were fortunate to obtain a large quantity of ties from several resources:
     - Ties were acquired from a derailment on the NS Buffalo line in Emporium, PA
     - Donation of 400 standard length ties from the Tie Yard of Omaha, who was running a salvage yard in Williamsport, PA. The ties that were donated came from Amtrak and New Jersey Transit.

Shawmut Day 09/19/2004



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