Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad

2003 Projects

St. Marys and Southwestern Railroad grade  Shawmut Day - 09/21/2003  Shay - 10/04/2003 

St. Marys and Southwestern Railroad grade


Bring in the fill...

In order to continue laying rail on our wye we needed to raise the grade to avoid a very steep decline. The rainy spring of 2003 proved to be more troublesome than obtaining the fill. Moving saturated soil is not an easy task. Raising the grade occurred over three weekends between May 10 and July 5. We had to wait a long time for dry weather.

April 27 May 10 May 31 July 5
Misc. Pictures

Shawmut Day 09/21/2003


Shay 10/04/2003


Acquisition of Arch Bar Trucks

In early October the B&W was able to pick up five pair of twenty-inch gauge arch bar trucks. These trucks will be rebuilt and re-gauged to twenty-four inch. The trucks were used under small coal hopper cars on a US Navy coal Pier in New England many years ago. They were pulled by a system of cables and pulleys for fueling Naval ships. The exact location of this operation is unknown, but it would date prior to WWII as most naval ships converted to fuel oils either before or during the war.