Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad

2001 Projects

The Crossing ! The B&W have started their latest project, a 1300 foot extension over the old St. Marys and Southwestern Railroad grade. On May 19, we constructed a railroad crossing over a private road. This was an all day event, which required two backhoes and a lot of men. Finally at the end of the day, we successfully constructed the crossing and laid about 80 feet of rail.

Steam has finally returned to the St. Marys and Southwestern Railroad grade!
It has been since 1905 since the last steam engine traversed this grade. But on August 19, 2001, B&W Engine Number 1 - Otto, made it's maiden voyage on the grade.

The Plymouth Gets Painted ! The Plymouth locomotive that we acquired in 1997 has received the official B&W color scheme.
The B&W Hopper car is fully functional! 2001 was a busy year for the B&W Crew. Other than the addition of the B&W paint scheme, the hopper car is functional. It played an intricate role in spreading ballast over the new section of track. The hopper car is unique in that it has six clam type bottom doors powered by twelve 6-inch Bimba air cylinders. Three hand-operated valves control the opening of the doors; left side, middle, right side.
B&W Hopper Specifications Volume: 100 cubic feet
Length: 144.5 inches
Height (above trucks): 38 inches
Width: 50.5 inches
Air brakes on both trucks