Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad

2000 Projects

Otto is back in service! Over Memorial Day weekend, the B&W Crew fired up Otto for first since October '98. We had some early problems that we had to overcome. First, the hand hole plug started to leak with steam pressure only at 40 psi. After trying to tighten it, it gave way and we had to dump the fire. After 2 hours, we changed the hand hole plug, and re-lit the fire. Gaining steam pressure was our second problem. The flues were coated over so we hurried and tried to clear as many flues as possible. This solved the problem and very quickly we had full steam. Otto ran well with only minor adjustments required.
Railroaders Day Every August, the B&W crew hold a railroaders to celebrate the years accomplishements. This one was special. Otto has been rebuilt and and the final coat of paint and lettering have been added.
Track Maintenance! Every year, the B&W crew replace ties, level and inspect the track. This year we had some unexpected work to perform on the track. During our test runs with Otto, an eight foot section of track collapsed.
Acquisition of Ties Another derailment occurred in the St. Marys area. This time, it was in Emporium, PA. on the NORFOLK & SOUTHERN line. We were fortunate to obtain a lot of the ties that were torn up in this incident. Overall, we were able to cut 200 ties for use by the B&W.